Freeze warning in effect for all of north Georgia

ATLANTA — The coldest weather of the season has moved into north Georgia.

A freeze warning went into effect for all of north Georgia at 11 p.m. Thursday until Friday morning.

The good news, though, is that cold air is also very dry.

"From the ground up, we're seeing a good drying trend," said Severe Weather Team 2 Chief Meteorologist Glenn Burns.

Burns said all of north Georgia experienced a brutally cold night Thursday.

We're tracking how low the temperatures will go in your area, on Channel 2 Action News This Morning, starting at 4:30 a.m.

Strong winds are also moving into the metro, which will help all the excess water we've had the last few days evaporate.

However, Burns is warning drivers of the possibility of black ice.

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"We're still seeing runoff from the rain over the last three days, and that runoff can travel across roadways, and of course, with the freezing temperatures tomorrow morning, there could be some black ice issues," Burns said.

The low Friday morning will be about 30 degrees in the immediate metro area, with temperatures dropping into the high 20s in outlying areas.

Once the sun comes up, that temperature will start to warm up, with highs warmer that what the region saw Thursday.

"In fact, it'll be 10 degrees warmer here in Atlanta tomorrow than what we were today," Burns said.

The other big improvement we'll see Friday is lots of sunshine. That sunshine is expected to stick around the whole weekend and into next week.