• Mom: Teacher put teen in choke-hold

    By: Amy Napier Viteri


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A DeKalb County parent said her son lost consciousness after a teacher put him in a choke-hold at school.

    Crystal Collier told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri on Dec. 19, her 15-year-old son and another student were roughhousing in a bathroom at Cedar Grove Middle School when a teacher came in and put her son in a submission hold.

    She said the teen passed out and hit his head on the floor when the teacher let go of him.

    "As an adult, you're supposed to be an overseer for the children," Collier said, "You're supposed to protect the kids."

    Collier took her son to the hospital and gave Channel 2 pictures showing two bumps on his head where he hit the floor.

    According to a police report, the teacher said he didn't try to choke the teen. He told investigators he put out his arm to catch the teen, who was running out of the bathroom.

    The teacher said that's what caused the teen to fall to the floor and then curse at the teacher.

    Collier hired attorney William T. Payne, who told Viteri the teacher's actions were dangerous.

    "It was a police style take down measure which was certainly inappropriate under the circumstances," Payne added.

    Collier said she worried the fall could have been fatal. A judge determined there wasn't enough evidence to issue a warrant, but Collier's attorney said they are planning to reach out to the school district.

    DeKalb Schools spokesperson Lillian Govus told Channel 2 the district disciplined both the teacher and student for their actions. She also said administrators immediately worked to investigate this incident and take measures to make schools safe.

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