• Mother charged with verbally abusing school principal


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police arrested a mother who they say went into her child's school and verbally abused the principal.

    According to police, 25-year-old Luarne Simmons went to her child's school and spewed profanity and refused to leave the building, all in front of small children.

    Simmons listened to the charges she faces before a judge Wednesday.

    “I don't think any parent should be cussing in front of any kids period. I mean, because that's where they're going to learn nowadays,” parent David Luckey said.

    Luckey said he does not approve of what Clayton County school police say Simmons did in front of students at Lee Street Elementary.

    Clayton County school officials say that type of behavior will not be tolerated.

    “We want to make sure that our schools are safe for our workers to work, our teachers to teach and our students to learn,” Vicki Constantinides of Clayton County Schools said.

    Simmons is accused of yelling, cursing and verbally abusing the principal and a bookkeeper at the school.

    “And this was said in the presence of children,” Clayton County magistrate court Chief Judge Wanda Dallas said.

    Police say Simmons then refused to leave.

    Luckey said parents have to realize the impact they have on kids when they get out of line.

    “That's why we have so much trouble with kids in the streets today, because they're listening to what's going on at home, Lucky said.

    Simmons has a $4,000 bond, one her attorney said she could not pay.

    Simmons’ attorney Annette Brown asked that Simmons be released as she was not a flight risk, according to her attorney.

    The judge said she could not grant the request.

    Luckey said Simmons would not have been in the predicament if she had kept her emotions under control.

    “It's better to handle things calmly. You get more results that way,” Luckey said.

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