Missing man in his 20s found dead outside Walton County home

WALTON COUNTY, Ga. — Agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation say a young man who disappeared about a week ago in Walton County was found dead and buried on a property off Walker Bennett Road.

Three people have been taken into custody, and the sheriff said one of the suspects lives at the property.

Detectives made the gruesome discovery around 10:30 a.m. Friday.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman said the man found dead on the property is believed to be in his early 20’s and last seen more than a week ago in Social Circle.

“We have located what we believe to be a grave,” Chapman said. “We’re in the process of disinterring what we believe to be human remains within that gravesite.”

Investigators remained at the property for hours collecting evidence, preparing to transport the remains to the GBI crime lab.


“The body is wrapped in an opaque material which prevents us being able to look at the body,” said GBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Ayers. “To unwrap it in a non-controlled environment would risk losing fibers, hairs, things of that nature.”

Police have arrested and charged three people in connection to this case.

  • Roger Gene Watters - 44 - tampering with evidence
  • Kolbie Hadden Watters- 21 - felony murder, aggravated assault
  • Jonathan Britt Lester - 21 - felony murder, aggravated assault

Officials said one of the three was arrested in Ashville, North Carolina, the other two were in custody in Walton County.

Neighbors said it's been a scary 24 hours, waiting to find out why investigators were swarming their typically quiet neighborhood.

“Last night there was a really good bit of law enforcement, GBI involved so we knew it had to be something serious,” said neighbor Adam Woodard.