• Michael Dunn found guilty of first degree murder in loud music killing


    JACKSONVILLE, FL. - A jury has found Michael Dunn guilty of first degree murder in the killing of an Marietta teen in Jacksonville, Florida.

    The 47-year-old shot and killed Jordan Davis after the two had an argument over loud music outside a convenience store in 2012.

    During the trial, Dunn said he feared for his life when he opened fire in November 2012.

    Prosecutors say Dunn killed Davis when he fired 10 times into an SUV carrying four teenagers.

    Dunn said the problems started when he and his fiancee heard loud bass thumping from an SUV parked next to them after they pulled into a convenience store to buy a bottle of wine. Dunn had just come from his son's wedding.

    "I put my window down ... and I said 'Hey, would you mind turning that down please?'" Dunn said.

    Testimony from the other teenagers in the case said Dunn was angry when he asked them to turn the music down.

    The music was turned off for a short time, Dunn said, until he heard a voice from the SUV's backseat yelling curse words, telling someone in front to turn it back up.

    Dunn said he was not angry when the music was turned back up, but then things got heated.

    "I hear '.... white boy' just impolite things are being said," Dunn said.

    Dunn said the man in the backseat then rolled the window down and flashed a gun.

    "I saw the barrel of a gun. I'm petrified. I'm in fear for my life this guy just threatened to kill me and showed me a gun," Dunn said.

    Police found no weapons in Davis' car or near the crime scene.

    Dunn said the back door of the SUV opened, and that he grabbed his handgun for which he had a permit.

    "I reached for my weapon, in my glove box. I said, 'You're not going to kill me you son of a bitch,' and then I was firing, in about two seconds."

    He continued firing as the SUV sped away.

    "I would have pulled it 50 times if that's what it took to save my life," Dunn said.

    Dunn was convicted of three counts of attempted second-degree murder in February and already faces at least 60 years in prison.

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