Metro Atlantans open their hearts, donate much-needed supplies to Convoy of Care

ATLANTA — The viewers of WSB-TV and community members came out in full force to assist with providing relief for our Gulf South neighbors following Hurricane Ida.

All donations are appreciated, and will provide supplies to many of the victims of the storm.

Channel 2′s Mark Winne spoke with some of those donating to find out why they chose to help out.

“We wanted to help. We heard about the disaster and we wanted to give,” said Earnest Bush.

This is the sentiment of many that are digging deep to help others while still dealing with the pandemic themselves.

“The Bible teaches us to give to one another to help each other in need, and I know they’re in need so we give to them,” said Bush.

Whether led by their faith or their own personal reasons, the donations are much appreciated.

The convoy was loaded with donated relief supplies in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. The Convoy of Care is a coalition of WSB-TV viewers, law enforcement groups, the trucking industry and a local law firm.

Caring for Others is just one of the area nonprofit organizations that always assists with these types of drives.


“It’s God’s will that we do good to others,” said Eslene Shockley, Caring for Others CEO.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart spoke about why his firm is answering the call for assistance.

“My family’s from New Orleans, and so even if it didn’t happen in New Orleans, it’s important. When tragedies happen everybody has to step up,” said Stewart.

Collections for supplies ended Tuesday at 6 p.m. Supplies are planned to move to the Gulf Coast shortly after.