A metro Atlanta community rallies behind a teen battling brain cancer

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. — The Dawsonville community is working together to support one of their own. They are raising money for the treatment of a teenage football player battling brain cancer.

“I know this is scary, but he’ll be here every step of the way,” is the message echoed by Mason Palmour’s sisters and the entire Dawsonville community.

Palmour’s sisters wrote a song as part of today’s “Punt, Pass and Kick” fundraiser. Dozens from the community attended to show support for the teen as he fights stage-four cancer.

Palmour has Glioblastoma. This is the same form of cancer that Channel 2 anchor Jovita Moore courageously battled until her death late last year.

Today was a major step in the efforts to raise the much-needed $270,000 to get the treatment in California.

Many of Palmour’s friends, family, team mates and some strangers showed up to do their part in the fundraising efforts. The overwhelming community support just underscored the sentiment that Dawsonville is “Mason Strong.”

Following today’s event, fundraising efforts will move online for Palmour’s treatment through gofundme.