Metro Atlanta city just weeks away from running out of water, officials say

VILLA RICA, Ga. — The city of Villa Rica has about three weeks of water left in its reservoirs because of what officials are calling a "flash drought."

Channel 2's Richard Elliot was in Villa Rica, where city leaders are saying there is no need to panic despite the fact that a few weeks ago, the city's three reservoirs started to dry up.

Georgia is currently in the worst drought since 2016.

Lake Paradise is one of three reservoirs the city of Villa Rica pulls water from.

NewsDrone 2 flew over the lake, which is down three to four feet at the shoreline.

Raushanah El-Amin said she came out to take a look at just how low the lake levels have gotten.

"It's pretty ugly," El-Amin said. "It's pretty depressing, actually. It hasn't rained in a minute, so the earth does need to hydrate somehow. I'm pretty sure it's going to suck up all the water that lake has."


Elliot drove to city hall to ask city manager Tom Barber about the drought the city's three rapidly drying reservoirs.

"None of them are deep," Barber said. "None of them can withstand an extended period without rain."

Barber said the city hasn't seen any real rain in about six weeks -- maybe even two months.

He said there is no need for residents to worry though, because the city plans to buy water. The city  has agreements with Carroll and Douglas counties, so if things go from bad to worse, they can buy that water and pump it into the city.

"We'll be pulling all of our water from Carroll and if we need, you know, to switch over and tap that connection with Douglas, we can do that," Barber said.

If the drought starts to impact the water supply in neighboring counties, that will be an issue.

Officials expect the state will start ordering water restrictions as early as next week.