• Meeting over East Atlanta crime gets heated


    ATLANTA - Tensions were high during a Wednesday night meeting over the recent crime wave in the East Atlanta neighborhood.

    Several residents expressed their frustration at the violence. Nearly everyone at the community meeting had a story to tell Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri about their experience with crime. 

    “I've had two break-ins in the last two or year-and-a-half,” Grant Park resident Nate Ensor told Viteri.

    East Atlanta Community Association President Kevin Spigener said his neighborhood is scared and angry after three killings in the past two and a half months, including the robbery and shooting death of Patrick Cotrona in May.

    “There is anger and rage, perhaps now a channeled rage, but still a rage that wants justice and even dares to say it yearns for revenge,” Spigener said.

    He had harsh words for the young people police suspect in many of the recent crimes.

    “These people are not kids, so let's just call them what they are  --  they're criminals, who rob and steal and murder,” he said.

    Marjorie Cotton is a relative of one of the victims. Police are investigating who shot and killed her 27-year-old son, Omar Reeves, in front of their East Atlanta home on Metropolitan Place on May 18.

    Cotton said she too is concerned about the crime and wants neighborhoods to find positive solutions. 

    “Whatever's going on in our communities, our city, our country, it's affecting everybody,” she said.

    Neighbors said they were encouraged to see such a big turnout at the meeting and are hopeful with neighborhoods coming together and several police jurisdictions working on the cases that they will make real progress.

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