Meet Kendall, the 6-year-old South Fulton girl who’s Georgia’s youngest certified farmer

SOUTH FULTON, Ga. — Kendall Rae Johnson says she is happiest when she’s growing things.

“Oh, it feels amazing. You get to pick all the fruits and vegetables that are in my garden,” said Johnson.

This 6-year-old from the city of South Fulton has just been given the title of Georgia’s youngest certified farmer.

Johnson’s mom said the young gardener’s interest in farming began around the age of 3.

“Kendall got a chance to see a collard green stem placed in the dirt. A couple weeks later, we see foliage! Wow! We can do that,” said Ursula Johnson, Kendall’s mother.

Kendall’s smile and her beautiful garden are very popular on social media. She hosts a kids’ garden club and has helped raise $85,000 for young farmers.


As a first-grader, she is being honored by the state, Fulton County, and the city of South Fulton as the youngest certified farmer in Georgia.