• Medical marijuana bill expected to be introduced Tuesday at Capitol


    ATLANTA - A powerful lobbyist made the rounds at the state Capitol Monday in support of medical marijuana. 
    The bill is scheduled to be introduced to state lawmakers on Tuesday. 
    Britlan Caruso, 5, and her family made a last push Monday to get it passed. Britlan had to be heavily sedated in her wheelchair to keep her from having seizures while they visited lawmakers.
    "We have two to three seizures a week.  On seven medications for it. Nothing seems to be happening for it," said Britlan’s mother, Sarah Caruso.
    Sarah Caruso says she's never given her daughter medical marijuana, or cannabis oil, but the seven powerful drugs they are using don't seem to help.
    "We're here hoping to see if we can have the right to try it. Whether it will work for her, I'm not sure, but I'm not going to stop until I have that right," Sarah Caruso said.
    Monday, the Carusos' plea got a big boost. The Medical Association of Georgia announced its support of medical marijuana in the state.
    "I think it's time for it. Time is running out for families with children with seizure disorders. Happy to see it come to our state," said Dr. James Smith of the Medical Association of Georgia
    Smith said he is backing the bill professionally because of its tight restrictions, and personally because seven months ago, his daughter started having seizures like Britlan.
    "We just want to do, as parents, everything and anything we can do to help her," Sarah Caruso said.

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