• Man accused of using business to target rape victims

    By: Ashley Swann


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police say another victim of a possible serial rapist has come forward, and they believe others may be out there.

    Gregory Hillman, 49, of College Park, is in the Fulton County Jail, charged with false imprisonment, sexual battery and two counts of rape. Police say he used his business, Greg's Mobile Auto Repair, as a means of contacting his victims.

    "When he was on a service call, he would in some form or fashion make an assault against the woman who had called him," Fulton County Police Cpl. Kay Lester told Channel 2's Ashley Swann.

    Lester told Swann that, so far, three rape victims have come forward, but they believe others may be out there from assaults possibly even dating back several years.

    "It just doesn't sound like Mr. Greg," said Hillman's former neighbor, Sabrina Williams.

    Residents say Hillman was well known in their community, a constant fixture at nearby auto repair stores and along roadways.

    "He was a good neighbor," said Alford Swanson. "I never suspect he would do something like that."

    "He'll catch the women who out there (who) need their cars to be fixed," said Dexter Griffin.

    With the contents of Hillman's rented home on Three Lakes Drive in College Park removed for all to see, residents told Swann they're shocked by the charges, and hope any other victims out there will come forward.

    "My heart goes out to them," Griffin said. "It's time to stand up for what it is that was done to you that was definitely wrong."

    This is not Hillman's first brush with the law. Arrest records show he's been booked into the Fulton County Jail many times before on charges ranging from receiving stolen property to writing bad checks.

    Police ask any other possible victims of Hillman's to please give them a call.

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