• Masked man barges into sleeping UGA student's home

    By: Carol Sbarge


    ATHENS, Ga. - Three University of Georgia students are taking extra precautions after one of them woke up to find a stranger in her bedroom.

    Police arrested three men and believe they're responsible for several recent break-ins.

    "I was definitely scared," UGA student Allison Ahlers told Channel 2 Action News.

    Ahlers said one of her roommates woke up to a stranger in their home, less than five minutes from campus.

    "She was asleep and he opened her door and she thought it was me," Ahlers said.

    Athens police said two men entered the house early Thursday morning through an unlocked door. One of them crept upstairs into the bedroom of Ahlers' roommate, who was asleep.


    "Your home is your sanctuary and you want to be able to go in your home and not worry about a stranger entering into your home," Athens-Clarke County Police Officer Epifanio Rodriguez said.

    Ahlers' roommate was startled when she heard a strange man's voice. That scared the intruder. He and his accomplice took off with a stolen computer, camera and cash, police said.

    When the victim called police, officers swarmed the neighborhood and approached two men who were wandering the street.

    "Their stories did not match they were giving officers. For instance, they told the officers they were coming to visit their cousin who lives in the area, were able to provide the officers with the cousin's first name, however said they didn't know their cousin's last name," Rodriguez said.

    Officers arrested the two and later linked them to several recent car break-ins in the area.

    "It was better knowing it wasn't just us, of course. We felt bad for everyone but you know, not being the only ones targeted and being watched, felt a little better," Ahlers said.

    Police also arrested a third person who had the stolen merchandise in his home. Ahlers and her roommates got most of their stuff back. She said they've added a security system and will lock their doors from now on.

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