Mary Norwood may challenge votes following Atlanta mayoral recount

ATLANTA — The Fulton County recount of the Atlanta mayor’s race is done and it appears Keisha Lance Bottoms did win a majority of the votes.

Channel 2's Richard Elliot was at the facility where the recount happened and learned that opponent Mary Norwood may take the election to court.

Norwood was present when the votes were being recounted. It showed 51 percent for Bottoms and 49 percent for Norwood in Fulton County.

But Elliot learned that Norwood may challenge some of the votes from a couple of southwest Atlanta neighborhoods recently annexed into the city.

A Georgia supreme court ruling puts that annexation in doubt.

So Norwood said those voters may not have been allowed to vote at all.

"What we understand is that residents lawfully thought that they could vote, of course, but the supreme court decided that’s not the case,” Norwood said. “Do we know how many votes we’re talking about? We know that there are several hundred that there could be."

We reached out to Bottoms who said she is moving forward with her transition as Atlanta's 60th mayor.  Norwood said the case isn't over, but she wasn't ready to announce her next move to Channel 2's Dave Huddleston.

"I got a legal team and that's all we've got to say today. We'll be in touch," Norwood said.

The Loch Lomond neighborhood is less than a mile from where Bottoms lives. It's unclear how many of them voted for her, or for Norwood to be Atlanta's next mayor.