GBI: Man stabbed deputy twice at sheriff's office before being shot dead

GBI: Man stabbed deputy twice at sheriff's office before being shot dead

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is assisting after a deadly deputy-involved shooting in Douglas County.

Officials with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said that, early Wednesday morning, Justin Oakes, 32, walked into the Sheriff’s Office lobby looking for somewhere to stay.

“They provided him with water, a place to sit and watch television. And he had kind of been in and out, back and forth from the lobby," Sgt. Jesse Hambrick, with the Sheriff’s Office, said.

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But hours later, around 2 a.m., Oakes made an unusual 911 call from the lobby bathroom.

"I'm dealing with Charles Manson here in Douglas County. He's trying to kill me. I'm fighting," Oakes said during a 911 call released by the GBI.

“I'm fighting for my life. They got radiation in the damn room where they're about to blow my back out. I need Atlanta police to come down quick. I'm fightin' for my life. I'm in Douglasville jail and they're trying to kill me.”

“Well, I just saw you out here in the lobby,” the dispatcher told Oakes. “Are you in the bathroom up front?”

The phone then goes silent before the dispatcher speaks again.

"Justin? Are you in the bathroom up front where I talked to you earlier? Hello?" the dispatcher asks.
Oakes didn't come back on the line.


Oakes didn’t come back on the line.

Two deputies were dispatched to the lobby and pushed their way into the bathroom, according to investigators.

“The individual had a knife out already. They tased the individual. He was able to defeat the tase and get out,” Hambrick said.

Hambrick said Oakes stabbed the deputy with the Taser twice, and was shot and killed during the altercation.

A second deputy was injured by shrapnel from the gunfire. Both deputies are expected to be OK.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Nicole Carr learned that Oakes was out on parole from state prison after being released in February 2017 on charges of aggravated assault. Past charges included obstruction on officers and methamphetamine possession in Douglas County.

Oakes’ father declined an interview on Wednesday, but told Carr he still didn’t know all the facts. The brief conversation between Carr and Oakes' father took place before the release of the 911 calls on Wednesday afternoon.

“He went in there for help,” said Thomas Oakes. “He didn’t get it, did he?”