• Man shot during Chinese delivery


    ATLANTA,None - Allen Crockett works as a delivery driver at Lucky 101 Chinese restaurant in downtown Atlanta. He told Channel 2's Tom Regan he feels lucky be alive after he was shot twice late Monday.

    "You start thinking, wow, am I going to bleed to death. It was very frightening," Crockett said.

    Crockett was delivering an order of Chinese food to a house on Lynford Drive in southwest Atlanta. Little did he know it was a setup.

    "When the door I opened, I saw a guy in a mask. I just turned and ran, and shots were fired, boom. I knew I was hit. I kept running. I had to climb over a fence to get away," said Crockett.

    The driver showed Regan his bandaged right leg. He was shot twice, in the calf and right arm. Fortunately in both wounds, the bullet exited and did not do serious tissue damage.


    A couple of friends were in Crockett's delivery truck.

    "All I heard was pop, pop,pop. Five shots. I seen him getting in the truck and he says I've been shot. We thought he was just joking," Ernest Waller said.

    The driver said the attempted robber didn't get anything. He also is relieved the shooter was bad shot.

    "It really could have been a lot worse. Could have hit my spinal cord, hit my head. The good Lord was watching out for me," Crockett said.

    Doctors expect the driver to make a full recovery. He said he would return to work Tuesday night. Police are still looking for the gunman.

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