• Man shoots neighbor's dog during fight


    BREMEN, Ga. - A dog was shot during a fight with a neighbor's dog and had to be put down. Now, the owner is upset that the shooter isn't facing any charges.

    Jerome Miller said both his pit bulls were minding their own business as he walked them New Year's Day when a neighbor's dog attacked. He said a loose black lab came after the dogs. Channel 2’s Shae Rozzi spotted the same black lab loose in Miller’s Bremen neighborhood on Monday.

    "The lab came to my dogs aggressively and bit my older male on the left side of his face. That's when my dogs naturally reacted and defended themselves," Miller told Rozzi.

    He said the dog fight escalated in another neighbor's yard. That neighbor tried to help but eventually grabbed a gun and shot Miller’s puppy, Tyson, whom he had adopted. He said the neighbor also grabbed a second gun and fired shots at Tyson’s father, Cash.

    The neighbor, Kevin Wood, defended himself in a phone call with Rozzi.

    "They were just at such a frenzy of killing, and I feared for my life, his and anyone else involved," Wood said.

    Bremen police said Wood’s actions were justified.

    "Absolutely, if he's in fear of his life, of his property or someone else's property, he has the right to actually kill that dog," Bremen police Lt. Blane Cochran said.

    Bremen police are still investigating, but so far, they don’t plan on charging Wood. However, the owner of the black lab may be cited for violating the leash law. Miller wants more to be done.

    "He should be charged with firing a firearm in city limits, and he should be charged with animal cruelty because he wasn't being attacked," Miller said.

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