Man says he can barely walk after driver hit him and took off

On the night of Aug. 9, he almost died on his way home from his parents?€™ house.

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — Two people hit on roads on the same night in the same city are both facing a long road to recovery.

Police have not found the drivers who left a man and woman to die. One was on a bicycle, and the other was walking home.

What is even more concerning is police told Channel 2's Christian Jennings that they do not think the same vehicle hit them.

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Henry McKee is the latest victim. It was painful for him to make it from the living room to the front porch when Jennings interviewed him.

McKee doesn't drive a car. His bike is how he gets around.

“I could ride a bike all day long, every day, no problem,” McKee said. “Now I can’t hardly walk.”

On the night of Aug. 9, he almost died on his way home from his parents’ house.


“I don’t remember nothing. I don’t know if I had stopped or I was riding. I don’t know,” McKee said.

He was near the intersection of Cedar and Fisher streets in Carrollton when police say someone driving a white SUV, either a Chevrolet Tahoe or a GMC Yukon, hit him from behind and didn't stop.

“It’s horrible that someone can go along and just hit somebody on a bike with no regards to their well-being and just leave,” McKee said.

He suffered head injuries, a broken arm, a lacerated kidney and a fractured hip.  He feels blessed to be alive and hopes the driver turns him- or herself in.

“I have a lot of anger, but I forgive them,” McKee said.

Carrollton police say this happened to McKee the same night that a driver hit 22-year-old college student Alma Beauvais.

She was walking on Maple Street in Carrollton when a pickup hit her in the crosswalk. Beauvais' legs were broken.

Police don't think the two cases are related but are still looking for both drivers.

Investigators told Jennings that both cases happened within 30 minutes of each other.