• Man killed, woman and child shot in Duluth home invasion


    DULUTH, Ga. - A man was killed and a woman and child were shot during a home invasion in a Duluth neighborhood Wednesday morning.
    Investigators confirmed the motivation was robbery.

    The victim was  identified Thursday as 37-year-old Adam Schrier.

    Neighbors said they did a double-take upon learning of the violent home invasion on Summercrest Lane in Duluth.
    Police said two gunmen burst into the home early Wednesday morning and opened fire.
    “Found an adult male inside, shot and deceased. And (an) adult female, shot, not life-threatening,” Major Don Woodruff said.
    An 8-year-girl also was shot and wounded. A 4-year-old girl inside the home was unharmed. Police said they cannot say for certain what was stolen or whether the shooters knew the victims. The 911 call from the wounded woman was made at 6:20 a.m.
    "Apparently, this was robbery-motivated, two suspects,” Woodruff said.
    Investigators combed the house for clues and checked in the yard for any possible evidence, including shell casings.
    Neighbors who watched it all unfold said the couple moved into the rented home about a year ago, but they knew little about them. They also say they never noticed any suspicious activity at the house.
    “That's kind of scary, because this is a very serene neighborhood. We've never had anything like this happen. I've been here for nine years and nothing like this has ever happened," neighbor Sherl Williams-Bell said.
    Police said it is the first shooting of the year in the city of the Duluth.         
    Police said Thursday that the woman and child have since been released from the hospital. The children, ages 4 and 8, have been temporarily placed in the custody of Gwinnett County Division of Family and Children Services.

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