• Man fires air pistol at gunmen who killed neighbor


    JONESBORO, Ga. - A resident says he tried to stop the people who shot and killed a 36-year old man in a Clayton County apartment.
    Police found the man's body at the Overlook Apartments in Jonesboro Thursday night.
    Jacob Kervin says he heard the gunshots, then noticed young people running so he drew his airsoft gun.

    "Gunshots happened, the kids had pole-vaulted off of the back porch 7 foot, 8 foot drop, ran at me," Kervin said. “I shot off four rounds, might have missed because it didn't do anything to them. I ran a few feet, they slid under the dumpster where's there is a rain ditch."
    Kervin says he later discovered his neighbor dead. He believes it was a home invasion.      

    "The victim was laying down. I checked for a pulse, there was no pulse,” Kervin said.            

    Police have not yet identified the victim.

    Authorities are continuing to investigate.

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