• Man faces $11K water bill after home burns down


    ATLANTA,None - A man shot by Atlanta police says he lost everything while he was in jail, and now he is facing a more than $10,000 water bill.

    All charges were dropped against David Sturdivant, but he spent seven months in jail. During that time, his home burned down, his cars were stolen and $3,000 worth of checks were forged in his name.

    Additionally, after his home burned down, his power was shut off, but his water was not, and after his hot water heater was stolen, he is now facing a $11,697 bill from Atlanta Water.

    Sturdivant’s trouble began on April 8, 2011. Police officers and the SWAT team swarmed his home after Sturdivant fired shots to scare off a man he thought was trying to rob him.

    Police shot Sturdivant in the stomach and he spent weeks in the hospital before going to jail for seven months.




    Sturdivant could have faced up to 100 years in prison, but all charges against him were dropped.

    While he was in jail, Sturdivant lost his business, home and health.

    Channel 2 Action News reporter Diana Davis spoke with Sturdivant at the Atlanta nursing home where he continues to recover from his wound.

    “I still have the bullet. I still am minus a kidney. Lost several inches of colon,” Sturdivant said.

    Sturdivant said the water bill is on the city, not him

    “They should have cut it off when the fire occurred. They cut off the power. They could have cut off the water, too. That’s on them,” Sturdivant said.

    Sturdivant’s friend Bill Erquitt said he tried for weeks to get Atlanta Water to shut off service, but no one listened.

    “I was absolutely shocked, because that’s a horrendous amount of money. I made several attempts to turn it off, and you run up against all the red tape,” Erquitt said.

    With no insurance on the house, no job and failing health, Sturdivant told Davis he is suffering from severe depression, but he will not give up.

    “I take things one step at a time. It will come out,” Sturdivant said

    Atlanta Water spokeswoman Janet Ward said the agency didn’t get word about the high bill until last week. Ward said the caller was told to send in police, fire and medical reports for possible adjustments to the bill, but, so far, none of the documentation requested has been received.

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