Man claims fake moving company made bogus charges

Man claims fake moving company made bogus charges

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A simple Google search for a moving company led to fraudulent activity on a man's bank card.

Now, Roswell police are looking into a case in which a man said a company spoofed a legitimate moving company's website to get his account information and made bogus charges.

Jeremy Diamond thought he found the perfect company for his upcoming move to Albuquerque, New Mexico. He put down a $300 deposit but the moment he reached out to add items to his move, the communication suddenly stopped.

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"All of a sudden, the company disappeared. And I was, like, 'Where are they?' What happened?'" Diamond said.

He told Channel 2's Carl Willis at least two additional charges popped-on his account for hundreds of dollars.

But the alleged scammers picked on the wrong guy. Diamond is an attorney and told Willis he used his skills to research the people who got his information and find the legitimate company they were using as a cover.

"I figured why not. I'll call the company in California and they said they had no idea who I was," he said.

Diamond said the scammers even had a link on their website that flashed over to the legitimate company's site.

He has a warning for anyone who may have a move ahead of them and be searching for a moving company.

"There are spoof sites out there, like this one. It was linking to different sites. Watch out for that," he said.

Diamond also used his skills to get his money back but he wants you to heed the warning because there's no telling how many others never their saw their money again.

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