Police: SWAT team arrests man after he shoots mother, fires at police

Investigators????said????the man's mother had to roll under a car to save herself and call for help.

BRASELTON, Ga. — Police have a man in custody after they said he shot his mother and then shot at officers before an hours-long standoff with police.

Investigators told Channel 2's Carl Willis that the man's mother had to roll under a car to save herself and call for help.

The GBI identified the man as Jonathan Wayne Allen, 37, of Jackson County,

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"It doesn't sound like small town Braselton," neighbor Tim Tanksley said.

Tanksley said he was shocked to see the entrance to his neighborhood along Charlie Cooper Road blocked off with armored vehicles Friday afternoon as officers moved in on a man holed up in his house after investigators say he shot his mother in the back.

"He shot her outside. She was able to roll up under a vehicle," Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum told Willis.


When deputies arrived, the sheriff said the man fired at them too.

"Even the UPS driver caught two rounds in the side of his truck, so he was pretty much shooting wildly," Tanksley said.

One of the deputies shot the suspect before he retreated into his house, creating a standoff that lasted over an hour before Hall County SWAT went in and got him.

"What are the questions that you and your agency still have about this?” Willis asked Mangum.

“I'm just thankful my deputies are OK and they're not hit, hurt, dead. I’m just thankful. That's all I can think about right now,” Mangum said.

The sheriff said a small child was in the home but was taken from the scene before the shooting began.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in to process the scene as neighbors processed what happened next door.

"I moved away from the city to try to go somewhere where this stuff doesn't happen. It doesn't really matter where you're at," Tanksley said.

Allen was taken to a hospital, where he is expected to survive his injuries, the GBI said.

His mother is also expected to survive.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Patrol vehicles were shot, but none of the deputies were injured, the GBI said

At this time, Allen is charged with aggravated assault against the family member.

The GBI said additional charges are expected.