'Come on in': Man arrives home to find armed stranger already inside

The man, who wanted to remain unidentified, said he was met with the unimaginable when he came home.

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — "I don't feel secure there. I can't stay there." That's how a Sandy Springs man says he feels after a scary encounter at his Glenridge Drive apartment complex last week.

The man, who didn't want to be identified, said he was out running errands and was met with the unexpected when he arrived back home.

He said when he tried to open his front door, a man with a gun was already inside.

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"I came up to my door and noticed that the plate around the lock itself seemed like it was kinda beat up. I was like, 'Wait a minute, is this my door?'" he said. "Some guy opened the door, pulled a pistol on me and said, 'Come on in.'"

The victim said he put his hands up and went inside.

"He pushed me over to the bathroom and told me to get in the tub. I guess I wasn't getting in there fast enough, so he pushed me in the tub, and then he pulled the pistol out. (I was thinking), 'Damn, he's gonna shoot me.'"


The victim said he could see another person carrying his belongings out of the apartment, including a safe.

"They took a couple of weapons and some jewelry," the victim said.

Shocked and shaken, the man said he flagged down a neighbor to call 911.

"I was just trying to accept everything that was going on because it was just a surprise to see somebody else in my house in the first place," he said.

After the attack, the victim says he plans to move.

"I think they need to improve security by having someone walking the halls," he said.

He believes once the burglars got into the secure building, they were casing apartments to break in by prying off the door peepholes.

Sandy Springs police said they are still investigating the case and haven't yet made any arrests.