Man accused of killing teen brother after argument

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Police are trying to figure out why an 18-year-old shot and killed his own brother inside their home.

Dashonn Hayes is sitting in the DeKalb County jail Thursday after police said he pulled a shot gun on his 17-year-old brother Corinthian Hayes. The two were arguing Wednesday night when the older sibling turned on his younger brother, authorities said.

“Still trying to iron all of that out and see what happened. We have the younger sibling there hoping to get info from that child,” said DeKalb County Spokesperson Sheira Campbell.

Deshonn Hayes

Detectives said the brothers’ 15-year-old sister was home at the time of the shooting. The parents arrived a short time later, police said, to find one child dead and the other facing a murder charge.

Police said the older brother posted video on social media threatening his sibling just 11 days ago.

Neighbor Ashley Brown told Channel 2’s Liz Artz she ducked for cover after hearing gunfire at her apartment off Holcombe Road.


“Bang, bang, two times,” Brown said. “I couldn't sleep."

When she went outside, she said saw the 15-year-old sister.

“She was hysterical, shooken up, but she’s going to be alright alright,” Brown said.

Detectives said they're hoping the sister will be able to provide enough information so they know exactly what happened inside that home.