Judge rules man accused of killing wife in front of fire station will go to trial

Judge says man accused of killing wife in front of fire station will go to trial

DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. — A man accused of killing his estranged wife in front of a Dawson County fire station made his first appearance in court Wednesday morning.

Channel 2's Tom Regan was there as Jeremy Wade Gibson stepped in front of  a judge for a preliminary hearing.

Gibson is accused of shooting Amy Gibson in front of their two children last month. The judge ruled that Gibson will go to trial.

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Investigators said in court Wednesday that Gibson showed very little emotion after chasing down and killing his wife, who had just driven to the fire station for help with the couple's two kids in the car.

Investigators said Gibson made no attempt to escape after he repeatedly shot his wife in the parking lot.

Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said the couple had domestic violence issues in the past, but Jeremy Gibson had never been arrested.

Johnson said on that night in July, Gibson's children had been looking forward to a little outdoor adventure.

"I know the children said they had pulled off the Dawson Forest Road to release a turtle they found," Johnson said. "That's when Daddy pulled up and they got in an argument."

Johnson said the argument escalated with Gibson chasing after his wife through an elementary school parking lot and then to the fire station.

Amy Gibson was on the phone trying to get help and trying to get away.

"She pulled into the parking lot at a high rate of speed, like screeching tires," Johnson said. "She began begging for help through the closed window. They could hear her screaming."

Johnson said Gibson walked up and fired five shots at his wife through her closed window. One shot when through her cellphone.

Johnson said that after Gibson shot his wife, he dropped his gun and told firefighters to call police.

A friend of the victim said Amy Gibson tried without success to get a restraining order against her husband in the weeks leading up to her death.

"What did she tell about her welfare with her husband? That she didn't know how this was going to end without 'one of us dead,' her friend, Kristy Petersen, said.