Man accused in New Mexico compound 'must have mental disorder,' father says

Georgia man accused in New Mexico compound is 'mentally ill,' father says

NEW YORK — The father of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj says his son must have a mental disorder.

"My son can be a little extreme, when I say extreme, not radical, killing people stuff like that, this is a little bit sometimes high strung,” Imam Siraj Wahhaj said.

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The remains of a young boy was found at the compound. The grandfather of missing Abdul-ghani Wahhaj said the remains found at the property is that of the child.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj told reporters Thursday that he vows to find out what happened and he stands on the side of truth.

The young boy's mother told Channel 2's Mark Winne that she is devastated about the case.

“My life took away from me. My life took away from me,” Hakima Ramzi said.