• 10-year-old, father shot in home

    By: Richard Elliot


    DECATUR, Ga.,None - Gunmen shot a 10-year old boy and his 30-year old father during a robbery attempt in a DeKalb County home Thursday night. Police believe the crime was drug-related.

    Detectives believe three gunmen entered the house with the intention of robbing the people inside of cash and drugs. A woman inside the home at the time said there was a knock at the door, and a man entered saying, "Trick or treat," before shooting.

    The witness said the gunmen shot at the boy's father, hitting his abdomen. She said the bullet went through the man and hit the child standing behind him. There were several other children in the home at the time, but they were unharmed.

    Both victims are in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries at different hospitals, authorities said. The gunmen got away after the shooting.

    Witnesses identified the victims as Armond White and his son, Simeon. Family members are offering a $3,000 reward for information elading to the arrest and conviction of the shooters.
    Police said they searched the home on Hyland Drive and found drugs inside.

    "Our detectives do believe those three individuals specifically targeted this home and they do believe they intended to rob and look for drugs at that location," Mekka Parrish of the DeKalb County Police Department said.

    Neighbors said they weren't surprised.
    "First time I heard the shot, it was a real loud one," said neighbor Sallie Drake.  "I told my husband, 'A shot went off in that house right there.'  He said, 'Maybe somebody's celebrating New Year's.' I said, 'That bullet's too solid. It hit something.'"

    Drake told Elliot she saw a lot of suspicious traffic moving in and out of the home. She said it pained her to see the boy taken away from the home on a stretcher.

    “It just killed me, because I don't like to see that happen to children, because I have little children,” she said.


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    10-year-old, father shot in home