Lt. Gov. ready for showdown over Delta jet fuel tax break

ATLANTA — Georgia lawmakers passed the big income tax overhaul bill Thursday without the controversial Delta jet fuel tax break.

There's a political showdown brewing between Gov. Nathan Deal and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

After Delta ended its discounts for members of the National Rifle Association, Cagle led the charge to strip the jet fuel tax break out of the income tax bill.

Deal said that he worries the move sent the wrong message to corporations looking to move to Georgia.

"We were not elected to give the late-night talk show hosts further fodder for their monologues or to act with the type of immaturity that has caused so many in our society to be skeptical about politics," he said.


Deal said Wednesday he would sign the income tax cuts, but called his desire to bring the jet fuel tax breaks back "non-negotiable."

He believes they're needed to keep Georgia competitive with airports around the country.

Cagle admitted this has become a real political storm.

"That's the contentious issue and so the governor and I have not had a sit-down conversation at this point," he said.

Cagle, who is running for governor this year, signaled he's not ready to talk about the Delta tax break any time soon.

"I think everyone knows my position on this issue, and, you know, I don't see any wiggle room," he said.

As far as the effect this debate could have on attracting major corporations like Amazon, Cagle believes companies are more interested in what the state has to offer than this debate.