• Lottery tickets accidentally shipped to man's house


    ATLANTA - A metro Atlanta man opened up a box with a gift he ordered on the Internet to find a treasure of scratch-off lottery tickets.

    Darryl Bufford told Channel 2’s Jeff Dore a UPS box arrived this week with a gift he bought from Macy’s.

    Bufford set the package aside for a few days and opened it when he noticed some of the tape had been pulled loose.

    Inside Bufford found eight stacks of unopened scratch-off lottery tickets.

    “My first thought was, ‘Merry Christmas,” Bufford told Dore.

    The Georgia Lottery told Buford there are between 100-500 tickets in each stack. The tickets ranged from $1 to $20.

    “Everything that you can imagine would be in a store, that’s what was in that package,” Bufford said.

    Bufford didn’t know that until the store activates the tickets they are worthless.  Bufford told Dore that he thought he had a fortune, but his integrity was worth even more.

    “We looked at it and we decided the right thing was to turn them in,” Bufford said.

    The Georgia Lottery told Dore they have asked UPS to track down what happened with the tickets.

    A UPS spokesman said the most likely explanation is that the material fell from a box on a conveyer belt and a worker mistakenly put it back in the wrong box.

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