Loose dogs attack, kill miniature horses

Loose dogs attack, kill miniature horses

PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. — Sheriff's officials tell Channel 2 Action News they want people to be on the lookout for two dogs that attacked and killed two miniature horses.

It happened Friday in the area near Philadelphia Road in Pickens County.

Deputies tell Channel 2's Audrey Washington one dog is a pit bull and the other is a pit bull-boxer mix.

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The owner of the horses say the dogs almost went after them, as well.


“She kept looking at us because she loved us and we loved her," owner Stella Morgan said, holding back tears.

Morgan said she tried to save the two minature horses from the Friday morning attack.

“I call them babies, and seeing them tore up like they was, it was pretty horrific, you know what I’m saying? Nobody should have to see it," Morgan said.

Morgan and her husband, Larry Morgan, said on Friday, two pit bulls ran into their Pickens County yard and mauled their horses, Prissey and Sparky. They said the horses never stood a chance.

“I started down the driveway, and they had that raised look and that foam coming out their mouths," Morgan said.

The pit bulls took off, but not before Morgan got a good look at them, and not before her husband fired his gun to get them off of the horses.

“I shot to kill them, I didn’t shoot to scare them," Larry Mogran

Sheriff's deputies are on the lookout, searching for the owners and for the pitbulls who they consider vicious.

As for the Morgans, they just want the owners to do the right thing and come forward.

“I blame the owners. Pit bulls are beautiful breeds. They are, but they’re animals," Larry Morgan said.

Sheriff's deputies are going door to door, warning people in this area about the pit bulls.

Anyone with information is urged to give deputies a call.