Long haulers still plagued with COVID-19 symptoms well after recovery

ATLANTA — David Jones was surprised when he suddenly lost hearing in his left ear a month after he recovered from COVID-19.

“I thought I was over COVID. I thought it was over. You know I’d done my 10 days,” Jones said.

Lingering side effects of the coronavirus are signature for those deemed as long haulers of the virus.

“There’s no good prediction as to who is going to sustain these long-term, chronic symptoms,” said Dr. Joash Lazarus, Piedmont Healthcare neurologist.

Lazarus is part of the COVID recovery clinic team. This team is made up of doctors with a variety of specialties, working together to treat a wide range of symptoms experienced by some long haulers.

Symptoms include “fogginess, the sensation of mental fatigue, cognitive symptoms like problems with memory and concentration,” Lazarus said.


These are some of the most common symptoms faced by long haulers.

Lazarus encourages everyone to get vaccinated to prevent COVID-19 in the first place. He also believes the vaccine may be of help to long haulers.

“There’s a very small study out of the U.K., for example, that shows some patients with long hauler symptoms when they get vaccinated after contracting the disease, some symptoms seem to improve,” Lazarus said.