• Locals concerned about bringing Ebola to Atlanta


    ATLANTA - It will be a few days before the first Ebola patient arrives at Emory Hospital, but some residents are concerned about bringing the two infected Americans to Atlanta.

    Many viewers have written on Channel 2’s Facebook page and called the newsroom with concerns about treating the patients in Atlanta.

    Larry Covington is a delivery driver for Romeo’s Pizza in Emory Village.

    He told Channel 2’s Jessica Jagolis that he feels uneasy.
    “I think it’s crazy,” said Covington. “Why would you bring a contagious disease into the United States voluntarily?”
    He makes regular pizza deliveries to Emory Hospital, but said that may change after the patients arrive.
    “If that patient’s over there, I’m not taking nothing over there,” said Covington.
    However, the majority of people in the area trust that Emory Hospital will take the necessary precautions to keep the city safe.
    “Emory is very capable of taking care of things within their hospital, and I trust them to do their job of containing the situation and handling it,” said Jarquisha Hollings.
    Andre Hamilton also expressed faith in the hospital’s treatment of the patients.
    He said, “I think they’ll get good care and hopefully save them but I’m not worried about an outbreak.”
    Robert Deluca lives near the Emory campus. He also said he’s not at all worried.
    “I’d be more scared of the CDC losing something and finding anthrax in the neighborhood,” said Deluca.
    Doctors at Emory University Hospital say that the two aid workers are still in Africa and will be transported one at a time on a special airplane.
    ABC’s Dr. Richard Bessler, who used to be in charge of the CDC and once lived in Atlanta, said there is no reason for residents to be concerned.
    Emory says it is taking precautions to keep its staff, patients and hospital visitors safe.

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    Locals concerned about bringing Ebola to Atlanta