• Local victim in Boston bombing recovers from injuries

    By: Erica Byfield


    FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - A local woman injured in the Boston Marathon bombings is still recovering.

    Anita Erickson was the only local victim injured in the attack. Doctors told her Monday that her shoulder is fractured and it is expected to heal on its own.

    The mother of five had traveled to Boston to watch her 26-year-old daughter, Juli, run in the marathon. Her daughter wanted to become the first little person to complete the race.

    In the chaos that followed the bombings, Erickson was trampled. She ended up with a swollen right eye and an injured shoulder.

    Erickson told Channel 2's Erica Byfield her mental recovery has been slow.

    "Even smells will trigger something," Erickson said.

    She added that sitting on the porch of her Cumming home watching the wildlife has been very therapeutic as she tries to deal with what she experienced.

    "For me, it was like an internal marathon, the marathon continued ... I have almost been held captive by my thoughts from that day, which is very strange, not captivated by it but just held captive about it, because I'm thinking so much of the other victims who were hurt," she said.

    Erickson told Byfield with the help of representatives from the Red Cross and an FBI victim's advocate she's starting the healing process.

    "They are only a phone call away, and they have been very helpful," she said.

    Erickson went on to say knowing one of the bombers is alive gives her hope that someday she'll know exactly spurred the bombings.

    "It's helpful to have him alive to answer questions for the understanding of all. I will tell you for all of us who experienced the terrorist activity that day that was such a relief," Erickson said.

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    Local victim in Boston bombing recovers from injuries