• Local officer breaks out in 'Hit the Quan' dance at community center

    By: Kimberly Richardson


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga - One Gwinnett County police officer is getting lots of recognition on social media, and not just for how great an officer he is on the job.

    Officer Kevin Martinez was at the Stone Mountain Community Center on Oct. 17 for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate its grand opening.

    Martinez discussed safety and crime prevention topics from different types of crime, residential and business security, physical security, identifying criminal behavior and reporting suspicious activities.

    During the ceremony, people broke out in the 'Hit the Quan' dance and Martinez joined in, surprising everyone with his moves.

    Ykg Musiq Page posted a video of the dance on its Facebook page, and the 30-second video has been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook and has more than 399,000 views.  

    Gwinnett County Cpl.  Deon Washington laughed and told Channel 2 that he was there, “but I can’t compete with Officer Martinez in dancing, so I didn’t.”

    Check the video out for yourself.

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    Local officer breaks out in 'Hit the Quan' dance at community center

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