Local deputy asks to remain anonymous after amazing act of kindness

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A local woman is thanking a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputy for a small act of kindness that will go a very long way.

Alex Davis, who is 27 weeks pregnant, was standing in line behind the deputy at a gas station in Cumming, waiting to pay for her gas. She barely had enough money to get home.

“I was talking to my fiancé on the phone and told him I’d scraped up the last $10 I found in my car to get home and get to work tomorrow,” Davis told Channel 2 Action News.

That’s when something incredible happened.

“I got to the counter and the employee said, ‘That officer just paid for your gas.’”

Davis went outside to find the deputy, who was off duty at the time, but he had already gotten in his truck to drive away.

“He didn’t look back. He didn’t even wait. It was the sweetest thing,” she said.

Davis and Channel 2 contacted the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and found out the deputy wants to remain anonymous.

“It blew me away. It really did. It was so classy and humble,” Davis said.

The Sheriff's Office posted his response on its Facebook page: "She just seemed like she needed some help. It was the right thing to do."

Davis says she wanted to share her story to encourage others to pay it forward, which she has already done.

“I’m just this average girl who is pregnant and trying to get on her feet. It was incredible,” she said.