• Local brothers overcome huge obstacle during NYC marathon


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Two Cobb County brothers, one with cerebral palsy, overcame unexpected challenges to finish the New York City Marathon this weekend.
    Channel 2’s Erin Coleman talked to Brent and Kyle Pease through FaceTime less than 24 hours after they completed the marathon.
    Channel 2 first introduced you to the brothers from Cobb County in 2013.  

    Kyle was born with cerebral palsy and always felt like he should be able to participate in sports like everyone else.

    They've completed triathlons and Ironman competitions together.

    The New York City Marathon was the next challenge.
    “We've been trying to run the race for 3 years. This was the first year they created an assisted category at the New York Marathon to get into the race,” Brent said.

    About 8 miles in, the left wheel on Kyle's wheelchair started to wobble.
    “The next step we took, the wheel literally crumpled under our weight and Kyle was sitting, leaning halfway onto the ground,” Brent said.
    Determined to finish, Brent rigged up a solution with the help of a nearby bike shop and the NYPD.
    “We tied the rope to the axle and then pulled it up so the weight of the left side was supported on my left shoulder,” Brent said.
    But Brent couldn't turn the bike and hold it up, so two other runners forfeited their times to help.
    “Then at mile 19 the rope snapped, so then we no longer had the rope, so we were holding it on my forearms,” Brent said.
    Seven hours, 25 minutes and 13 seconds after they started, Kyle and Brent finished the race-- an amazing feat that almost didn't happen.
    “I'm just getting goosebumps right now talking with you because it's very emotional,” Kyle said.

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