• Local assistant principal to get lifesaving kidney transplant from co-worker

    By: Berndt Petersen


    FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - Two women who work together in a Fayette County school say they now feel like sisters. One is getting a kidney. The other is giving it.

    Assistant Principal Erin Yocom and teacher's assistant Rebecca Niederfringer began working together at Crabapple Lane Elementary School two years ago. 

    "It's like we're long-lost sisters. Our families are intertwined. It brought us very close together," Yocom said.

    Yocom has a rare kidney disease and is in desperate need of a transplant so Rebecca, who happens to be a universal donor, is giving one of hers.

    "It's the most selfless gift that anybody can give. She is truly changing my life," Yocom said.


    "We worked together and have a great working relationship. Now, we've become friends. We're intertwined, which is amazing," Niederfringer said.

    On Tuesday, the whole school dressed in green, the official color for organ donors, to show their love for Mrs. Yocom and Mrs. Niederfringer. The campus community is raising money to help the women's families.

    "When our community has a need, they stop up to the plate. And they don't stop until we figure out what we're going to do to help that person," said Principal Margaret Davis.

    The surgery is scheduled for Friday in Atlanta.  

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