• Little girl spots "Santa" in Walmart, has an adorable conversation with him


    By HotTopics.tv

    HURRICANE, W.Va.  - A little girl is stealing hearts online after a video of her talking to "Santa" went viral.

    The girl, named Sophie, followed the bearded man who bore a striking resemblance to St. Nick around a West Virginia Walmart.

    "She saw him then kept sneaking up on him," Sophie's dad, Robert Riley, wrote on Facebook.

    Finally, Sophie shyly asked the man if he was Santa.

    "I've been called a lot worse," the man, identified as Roger Larck, said with a smile.

    The two chatted for about a minute as the girl described her rainbow Christmas tree and told him she's going to leave him cookies for him and his reindeer on Christmas eve.

    This wasn't the first time Roger has been mistaken for Santa.

    "He grows his beard every year just for this purpose," Roger's wife, Robin Beaver-Larck, wrote on Facebook.

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