• Lawyer fears gang tied to alleged police corruption is out on streets


    ATLANTA - An attorney involved in the federal police corruption case is raising concerns about why investigators have not arrested the gang members that police officers are accused of protecting.

    In February, investigators charged 10 former and current police officers with protecting alleged drug dealers. An attorney involved in the case told Channel 2's Rachel Stockman the public should be worried.

    Stockman reviewed a 46-page transcript from a hearing about the case at federal court. It raises some alarming questions about ongoing gang activity in the metro Atlanta community.

    In February, Channel 2 showed exclusive video of FBI agents taking police officers into custody. The cops are accused of providing protection for gang members during drug deals. Meanwhile, Stockman is trying to find out what happened to those gang members they were supposedly protecting.

    "I think that the public should be totally outraged," said criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow.

    Channel 2 has been asked not to identify the gang for public safety reasons. But Sadow said its members are still out on the streets and may very well be still operating. He represents one of the defendants.

    Stockman asked what evidence did he have to determine that gang members are still involved in drug trafficking.

    "I have a witness and I have photos," he said.

    Sadow said the gang is one of the largest suppliers of molly, a potent form of the drug Ecstasy.

    A source with Atlanta police confirms that there has been activity by this gang as recently as this month.

    "Bringing a case against 10 or more corrupt -- and I'm putting that in quotes -- (officers) is heck of a lot better for publicity than saying we took down another drug gang," Sadow said.

    At the time of the charges, U.S. Attorney Sally Yates said the investigation was ongoing.

    "If we come back next year, it will be we are still investigating. If we come back in 2015 it'll still be we're investigating. If there was any intention of ending the drug dealing, they would have done it already," Sadow said.

    U.S attorney's office officials said they have no further comment on this matter.

    Rachel Stockman reports

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