• Lawsuit claims cellphones sold with pornography on them


    LITHONIA, Ga. - A woman said she bought two cellphones from Radio Shack and when her 13-year-old daughter went to activate them she found pornographic pictures.

    Now a Lithonia family has filed a lawsuit against the electronics chain.

    The woman she got the phones from the Radio Shack inside Stonecrest Mall. The family's attorney told Channel 2's Erin Coleman what happened next shocked everybody.

    Attorney Curt Thompson walked Coleman through the lawsuit which he filed on behalf of Marcia and Morgan jones. Jones.

    He said last year, the mother and daughter went to a Radio Shack in Lithonia and bought two HTC Evo 4g phones.

    The store didn't have them in stock, so they went to the Radio Shack in Stonecrest Mall to pick them up. The phones were supposed to be brand new.

    "These were apparently used phones that someone had used. They had used them to upload pornographic pictures," Thompson said.

    And according to the suit, as 13-year-old Morgan Jones was setting up the phone, she went to the photo gallery and found the pictures including adult and child pornography.

    Thompson said the pictures were extremely graphic.

    "All the store was willing to do was trade out the phones," Thompson said.

    Thompson said Morgan Jones has had to go through some counseling after being exposed to the pictures.

    He says the family is suing to make sure the company takes this seriously and that it never happens to anyone else again.

    "It was unconscionable to allow that to happen and to expect that not to do harm or damage to someone," Thompson said.

    Sprint is also named in the lawsuit because Sprint licenses the phone.

    Coleman talked to the Radio Shack manager inside the Stonecrest store and was told she had no comment.

    Coleman also called their corporate office in Texas and so far no one has returned her call.

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