Lawmaker pre-files bill banning drivers from talking on cell phones without hands-free device

Channel 2's Lori Geary reports

ATLANTA — A Georgia lawmaker is trying for the third time to pass a bill that would require drivers to be hands-free while talking on their cell phones.
Channel 2's Lori Geary spoke with state Rep. Rahn Mayo, D- Decatur, who has pre-filed House Bill 10, which would ban the use of hand held cell phones for drivers, and would require some type of hands-free device. 
This is the third time he's trying to get this bill passed. He told Geary that he understands the critics who say lawmakers are trying to micromanage personal behavior. 
But Mayo says when you get behind the wheel you have the potential to endanger others.
"We've got so many children riding with adults. It would be nice to see some parity. Currently in Georgia, we prohibit teenagers from talking on the cell phone while driving. It doesn't make sense to me when there are so many adults who have reckless driving habits and aren't being responsible," Mayo said.  
Four years ago, lawmakers made it illegal for teens 17 and under to use a cell phone at all while driving.
Mayo says he's hopeful he'll get a hearing on his bill this year.