• Lake Lanier nears historic low

    By: Jeff Dore


    None - Metro Atlantans who depend on Lake Lanier are starting to get worried as the lake nears historic lows.

    The lake level has dipped below 1,060 feet above sea level, from the full level of 1,071 feet. The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers always drops the level in the winter to leave flood control capacity for spring rains. But Tim Hawkins, manager of Hammond's Fishing store, said it is dropping faster this year than usual.

    Channel 2 Action News meteorologist David Chandley tracks the lake level and said the average elevation for this time of year is 1,065 feet, about 5 feet deeper than it was Monday.

    Hawkins said the Corps has done a good job marking hidden shallow spots, but boater Dave Price said there are still plenty of hidden dangers for boaters.

    Still, most agree, Lake Lanier is full of fish and boat ramps are still accessible.

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    Lake Lanier nears historic low