• KSU offers apology over advisor incident


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Kennesaw State University issued an apology for the actions of one of its academic advisers caught on video and shared across social media.

    KSU conducted a two-week review of the May 13 incident between academic adviser Abby Dawson and student Kevin Bruce. Bruce recorded that encounter, and it spread across social media sparking outrage among many.

    “Sitting here until someone is available is harassment,” Dawson says in the video. “Would you like for me to call campus security?”

    KSU says it is suspending Abby Dawson from her advising responsibilities at the Department of Exercise Science and Sports Management.

    “It’s something that needed to be done,” said one senior, who said she also had Dawson as an adviser.

    Dawson will be reassigned, and not permitted to advise students unless she completes new training.

    “We have made it very clear to Ms. Dawson and her supervisors that the behavior she demonstrated on the video will not be tolerated; and while we have apologized to the student directly, we also want to publicly apologize for her behavior, which is not representative of KSU’s student-centered culture,” said Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Ken Harmon.

    Harmon says they plan to reorganize their advising system and add more advisers to increase the adviser to student ratio.

    “While we in no way condone Ms. Dawson’s actions, we also acknowledge that we need to make some changes in our advising structure to provide more training and support for our staff so that they are better equipped to help our students navigate their college experience," said Harmon.

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