KSU cheerleaders who took knee during anthem: 'It was definitely worth it'

We’re hearing from the Kennesaw State cheerleaders who took a knee during a football game national anthem for the first time since it happened.

At the game on September 30 they took a knee during the singing of the National Anthem. Last weekend, they weren't on the field.

The five cheerleaders spoke to Channel 2's Richard Elliot in Cobb County Tuesday.

“It was very nerve wracking.  We were all really like nervous,” said Tommia Dean.

The cheerleaders expected this would be controversial but on Channel 2 Action News at 6, hear they didn’t think it would go viral like it has.

Dean is one of what they’re all calling the “Kennesaw Five,” the five KSU cheerleaders featured in the now viral photo taking a knee during a football game national anthem.

Dean admits, they were all scared to death even though they got their parents’ approval before they did it.

“The girl next to me told me she could feel me shaking.  She could see all of us shaking because we were all nervous,” Dean said.


Shlondra Voung says they did it to bring to light what they say is social injustice and police brutality, the same reasons other athletes have taken a knee.

“It was definitely worth it,” Youn said. “I feel as though it definitely brought this issue to the light, an issue that has definitely been placed on the backburner and definitely brought it out.”

But some question the place and time of their protest. In a statement to Channel 2 Action News, Cobb County State Rep. Earl Erhardt said:

If we allow KSU cheerleaders a venue without restriction, can we restrict a player with a Confederate flag? Can we restrict Klan scum with a hood Viewpoint discrimination is a slippery slope..."

Michaelyn Wright though thinks it was the right place, and they’ll continue their protest, if they can.

“Obviously we know that a lot of people have those opinions but we know why we’re doing this and we’re going to continue to do this. And we’re going to continue to support what we’re supporting,” she said.