Kennesaw pastor facing child molestation charges

KENNESAW, Ga. — A church pastor is in Cobb County Jail for allegedly molesting a child.

Rev. John Pinkston bonded out jail Wednesday night on a $35,000 bond on charges of molestation and sexual assault.

According to an arrest warrant, the incident involved a 6-year-old girl and allegedly happened within the last month on church grounds of the Congregation of God Seventh Day on South Main Street in Kennesaw.

Pinkston speaks of salvation on his Watch America website. But the 30-year ordained pastor now stands accused of what many describe as the unthinkable.

Kennesaw police told Channel 2's Wendy Corona the alleged incident happened in a room at the church while the little girl was watching a movie. She then told her parents.

Corona called the church and left messages with the answering service, but got no response Wednesday night.

She also visited the pastor's home, but no one came to the door. When neighbors heard what Pinkston was accused of, they were stunned.

"Utter shock. You hear about it on TV and stuff but you never expect it to ever be so close," neighbor Mike Schultz said.

Schultz's wife and two of his children were at church when Corona spoke with him, hearing the allegations on the pastor.

"To think that that type of person would be right across the street from you is very shocking and concerning," neighbor Andrea Hamrick said. "(It) breaks my heart for the children that he has allegedly done something to."

Kennesaw police said with cases like this there is always the chance of more victims. If that is the case, you are being asked to call them at 770-422-2505.