Kennesaw mayor responds to critics after dressing in drag for charity event

KENNESAW, Ga. — Pictures of Kennesaw's mayor dressed in drag for a benefit concert are causing controversy on social media.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones spoke with the mayor Monday night, and he said it was all done for a good cause.

Mayor Derek Easterling said he would do almost anything if it would help raise money for a good cause.

When he put on makeup, a wig and a risqué outfit, it had some people questioning his ability to lead this city.

“I try to put the fun in fundraiser,” Easterling told Jones. “I dressed up as Christina Aguilera.”

The racy costume had people on and off social media commenting about the mayor's appearance.

“It definitely bothers me,” one resident told Jones.


“As a mayor, I think there's other things that he could do to get a message out there,” another resident said.

Some people say dressing in drag is unfitting for the office of the mayor.

Easterling said he did it for a good cause.

“I have 250,000 reasons why I did it,” he told Jones.

Easterling participated in the Lip Sync Battle that raised $250,000 for Alzheimers research during the Battle for the Brain fundraiser last Thursday.

Some people had no problem with the costume.

“I don't have a problem with it at all,” said Poopak Bagheri, whose mother recently died from the disease. “I will do anything to stop Alzheimers.”

Easterling said his critics need to focus on things more important.

“He didn't bother anybody, he just wanted to raise money,” Bagheri told Jones.

The mayor said he would do it again if it's for a good cause.