Keisha Lance Bottoms releases tax returns on her official website

ATLANTA — Atlanta mayoral candidate Keisha Lance Bottoms released some of her tax returns late Wednesday night but that hasn’t slowed the criticism flying from both camps.

Mary Norwood released her tax returns, which date back to 2009, 10 days ago. She demanded Lance Bottoms release hers.

Now that Lance Bottoms has released some of her returns, she’s demanding Norwood release more of hers.

Lance Bottoms did not release her business tax returns, only her personal ones.

In 2014 and 2015, Lance Bottoms' adjusted gross income spiked from $48,000 to almost $108,000 a year.

That was the same year she was named Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority chair.

You can see the documents for yourself, here.

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At a labor union endorsement rally, Lance Bottoms called on Norwood to release even more tax returns, specifically the ones leading up to her 2009 mayoral bid.

"I have released all of my returns for the years I have served in elected office, and I would be curious to see what's on her returns for each of the years she's served," Lance Bottoms told Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot.

The personal and business tax returns Norwood released on Nov. 20 show she and her husband had an adjusted gross income that went from $128,000 in 2013 to   $194,000 in 2015. Most of the additional income came from individual retirement account distributions.

At that time, Norwood told Channel 2 Action News that she believed it showed she lived up to her financial obligations.

“When you look at our returns, and you look at what our income is and what our expenses are, we live within our means. We pay our bills,” Norwood said.

Lance Bottoms believes the focus on tax returns distracts from talking about the issues facing the city.

“It’s starting to remind me a lot of email servers, same conversations that led up into the November election with President Trump and Hillary Clinton, and I think that we have to not get distracted,” Lance Bottoms said.

The runoff election for mayor is Dec. 5.