Jury selection continues in the trial for the men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Nearly four miles from the Glynn County courthouse where jury selection continues, a group of about 100 people gathered at the site where Ahmaud Arbery was killed.

The group of activists have been standing guard at the courthouse, showing support for the Arbery family. Ahmaud Arbery’s father and aunt walked Satilla Drive with them.

“Being here and seeing all of them out here and supporting us, that’s a lot,” said Ruby Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery was killed during a confrontation with three white men last year. His family says he was out for a jog. The men say they thought he was a burglar and gave chase. One of the three, Travis McMichael, shot Arbery during a struggle.

Back at the courthouse, jury selection is moving at a snail’s pace, even upsetting the judge. The honorable Timothy Wamsley voiced his concerns with the slow-moving process.

“I do not have the ability to just store people or keep them longer than planned...I am not comfortable with this,” said Wamsley.

Nearly half the 40 people questioned so far have been dismissed for cause.

Finding a jury for this trial could takes days or possibly weeks.


The family is preparing for what many expect to be a highly emotional trial for everyone involved.

“It got a little tough yesterday, and the trial hasn’t even started yet,” said Ruby Arbery.