• Judge denies stay in Kelly Gissendaner's execution


    ATLANTA - A federal judge has rejected a stay and temporary restraining order from the attorneys for Kelly Gissendaner.

    Eighteen years ago, what is now Harbins Park, was a heavily wooded area with a simple dirt path leading through it.
    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas met the case's lead detective, where he pointed where they found the victim's burned out car, then a few days later, they found his body.
    Retired Gwinnett County police detective Doug Davis says the Gissendaner case still stands out in his mind.  It was 1997, near what is now Harbins Park, where authorities found Doug Gissendaner’s body, stabbed several times and left in the woods.
    “This place back in here was a place people hung out on weekends,” Davis said. “It was a party place down on the creek down there.”
    According to Davis at the time, Kelly Gissendaner appeared worried.
    “If he is somewhere near a phone just for him to please call home, “Gissendaner said. “That’s all I want , I want him home."
    But Davis says that was an act. Gissendaner had planned her husband's murder, then convinced her lover Greg Owens to do it.
    “The first time I asked her was is your and Doug's marriage OK?  She said it was great, nothing wrong,” Davis said.  “And then I started asking her other questions and she would look up at the ceiling or not at me.
    Owens would later admit to the killing and receive a lesser sentence.
    Gissendaner is the only woman on Georgia's death row. 
    “My brothers and I really want my mom to live,” Kayla said.
     Her children and lawyers beg for mercy,  but others insist the time for that was 18 years ago in these woods.
    “I think justice is going to be served,” Davis said.
    Gissendaner will be the first woman executed by the state in 70 years. 

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